Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring has FINALLY arrived at Grubby Thicket!

WOW!! Finally after weeks of dreary cold weather I can safely say "Spring Has Sprung" at Grubby Thicket!! The grass is greening up, the dafs are in vigorous bloom amd spring on the river (the James River, that is) is evident from the skim of pollen that hugs the shoreline!! YAHOO!!   (aaaaaCHOOOO!!!!!)

For those of you who don't know Grubby Thicket, it's the name of my antiques and collectibles business. The name harkens back to the wonderful home of my youth spent in Montgomery County, MD. I lived in a wonderful old 1880's farmhouse on a dead end dirt road and, according to the the county platt from the 1880's, the land on which the farmhouse sat was called Grubby Thicket! Kinda cute, huh?? Now I live in the Tidewater area of Virginia, near Williamsburg and Va. Beach.What a great place for antiquing, yard saling and snooping around curbs and trash piles!!

Anyway, my mother (RIP, dear!!) started the business years ago. She had a shop in Leesburg, VA. but eventually gave that up and just did a series of Antique shows throughout Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. She would go to England and buy for the business and truly enjoyed a nice following! Now it's MY turn to take Grubby Thicket to the next level!

I LOVE to scour estate sales, yard sales, antique shows, auctions and consignment shops for FABULOUS bargains that I can spiff up, if need be and either sell or incorporate into my home!! Check out some of my current finds (coming soon!). I find it VERY therapeutic to scrape a piece right down to bare metal or wood and then transform it with paint or stain and give it new life.......BTW: it's cheaper than paying a psychiatrist!!

So, lets take this journey never know what you're going to find along the way! I anticipate LOTS of great bargains and LOTS of great new friends!! Ciao for now!!

Next up: things I love!! I want to hear about what YOU love!!

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