Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What a great weekend we had in Culpeper! We survived being Ladies-in-waiting to three GORGEOUS princesses and they, needless to say, had a wonderful time at the big high school formal last weekend!

There are TONS of great antique shops in Culpeper. I just wish we'd had time to shop all of them! This would be a great place to spend a weekend just antiquing and eating in great restaurants! Don't forget Orange and Gordonsville.......antique shops GALORE!!!! We'll definitely be going back! O, did I mention we stayed in a fantastic hotel? The Suites at 249 could not have been better! What a great place to spread out and it was within walking distance to all the shops and restaurants!! WHAT FUN!!

Ok, so here's what I found:

enamel basin with greenpainted iron stand (too cute!!)

 great unpainted plant stand

Now I have a matching pair!! (almost)

blue painted iron side chair

detail of back of chair

Great stuff, huh? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret..........I'm going to look at a potential space for a shop!! I'm not sure I really want to commit to a shop or not. I don't want to be tied down. I want to be able to go to an estate sale or auction and not have to worry about manning a shop. Maybe I'll just create interest by only opening 3 days a week, like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.....hmm....what do you think I should do??

Lemme hear from ya!!