Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea Time and Board Games!!

It's a kid's world out there apparently. I have uncovered great vintage board games and childrens tea sets that any child would get a kick out of playing with!. The amazing thing about the tea sets is that they were made (in England) specifically FOR children to play with! They are all transferware paterrns in great colors like green and purple! Manufactured in the late 1800's.

The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys vintage 1957 board games are just a hoot!! The graphics and colors are so '50's ish and still very bright! Both sets are complete with, what I believe, are the original pieces.

Don't know if y'all saw my plug for these goodies on FaceBook but for the month of August shipping is free on any purchased item!! Here is the link to Grubby Thicket Antiques on FaceBook: Check it out!!

Here are pics of the latest finds with prices!! ENJOY!!

                                     Vintage 1957 Nancy Drew Board Game: $65
Playing board

pieces to Nancy Drew board game
The cars are actually metal!!

                                     Vintage 1957 Hardy Boys Board Game: $55
Playing board and pieces to Hardy Boys Board Game

  Green/white transferware child's tea pot. 6"l,4"t,3"w   $45
  Pr. green/white transferware childs cups & saucers: $65
                                          Saucers 4.5" w, teacups 3"w, 1.76"t

 Green/white transferware creamer: $40  4"l, 2.5"t, 1.5" w
 The set: $150
Child's purple/white transferware serving pieces. The set: $110
 Purple/white transferware childs platter: 3.25"w, 4.25"l, .75"t  $30
Purple/white transferware covered veg. dish: $45
 dish from covered veg. notice plate decoration
White ironstone bundt pan, full size:  $55
two small chips to edges of bundt pan

   Rose Medallion tea cup, no handle: $75
  4.25 w, 2.25"t